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Retained Physician, Advanced Practitioner, Allied Health Search

When a search requires more than email and job board advertising, it’s time to consider the benefits of using Adkisson Search Consultants.


  • Dedicated resources that focus on your needs and interests. Our efforts are placed on finding the best candidates for our specific clients, not on  finding positions for job seekers.
  • Concentrated effort directed toward promoting your community and opportunity, not that of your competition.
  • More time for you to devote to other matters. We’ll be responsible for weeding out marginal candidates so that your time is spent only with those who are truly qualified and genuinely interested.
  • A team of professionals representing your facility every step of the way. From the minute the phone is answered until the successful physician starts work, you can be confident every contact made on your behalf is handled with courtesy and professionalism. Long-term relationship with a recruitment firm committed to the continued success of your organization.
    Compare service, then compare fees. You’ll find that you can’t get more for your money.


When it comes to recruitment of healthcare professionals, we know what you want…and what you don’t. You want quality candidates who are genuinely interested in your opportunity. You don’t want to make hundreds of calls a day. You don’t want to sort through mountains of unqualified CV’s. And you certainly don’t want to pay outrageous fees and end up doing all the work yourself.


You want results, and when you need outside help, you want a search firm with standards as high as your own. When you choose Adkisson Search Consultants as your recruitment partner, you’re choosing experienced professionals who add a personal touch to a proven process. You’re choosing the best the industry has to offer in terms of Quality, Service and Reliability. And that adds up to exceptional Value.